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The Ironies of "Trustless" Blockchain

by Ryan Wilson

How can blockchain be promoted as a "trustless" system when all human endeavors (especially those involving money) require some level of trust?

Web Development Is Still The Wild, Wild West

by Ryan Wilson

Web development, in all of its various manifestations, is still mostly a frontier territory with little or no official oversight, mandates, or licensing. From time to time I wonder: how long will it be this way?

The Digital Identity Phantom Menace

by Ryan Wilson

Is digital identity something that could possibly be decentralized? What exactly is your digital idenity?

Adobe Pigs Out (Again)

by Ryan Wilson

Adobe recently announced their purchase of Figma for $20 billion US dollars, immediately causing feelings of betrayal and disgust amongst web developers worldwide.

Programmable Money?

by Ryan Wilson

What is a CBDC? Do you want your money be inseperable from the internet? A major shift is underway that could completely change the nature of money, privacy, and ownership.

The Illusion of Decentralization

by Ryan Wilson

Web 3.0 is promoted as "decentralized". Is any website or anything else on the internet truly decentralized, or is this merely an illusion?

Mobile First Design

by Ryan Wilson

Are you aware that more than half of all traffic on the internet is now on mobile devices? Is your website optimized to look its best on smaller screens?

The Lean Web

by Ryan Wilson

Have you noticed that even though it is now the “futuristic” year of 2022, the web seems slower than ever? (At least, much of the time). How can website design change this?

Tired of pop-ups?

by Ryan Wilson

Are you tired of all the seemingly endless pop-ups on websites? Do web developers have any influence over this?